Eating Disorder Program

Valenta (“to make powerful”) was established in 2006 to provide world class care and treatment available to assist individuals in their recovery from eating disorders. Valenta has expanded its scope of practice and expertise to include: Treatment and Recovery for Eating Disorders, Treatment and Recovery for Depression and Anxiety, Outpatient Mental Health and Nutritional Services, […]


Patient Testimonial

A beautiful message from one of our patients…. “Valenta is a rare treatment center. They don’t just treat symptoms of the eating disorder; they do intensive searching for the root of the unhealthy behavior. Not only did I work on my disorder, but I worked on my perfectionism, my family life, my double standards that […]

Summer Healthy Student Program

Valenta is pleased to offer an intensive summer program designed to help students and young adults increase their awareness of emotional, thought, and behavioral patterns that contribute to success. Summer is a great time without school stressors to focus on yourself and learn skills which help you thrive as a young adult. You decide – we […]

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Depression

How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Reduces Depression Forward by: Katie Keck, LMFT, Valenta, Inc. Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) is a serious psychiatric disorder affecting approximately 1 in 8 adults in America while only 30% of the individuals suffering from MDD seek and receive treatment.  These statistics display there are factors such as; stigma towards mental health, […]



“Orthorexia” is a term that is being applied to a subset of eating disordered behaviors. It often begins with innocent intentions…to eat more healthfully. However, the desire to eat more healthfully transforms into a pattern of rigid eating and obsessive thoughts about food choices, and eventually can even negatively impact health, both mentally and physically. […]

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4th Annual Denim Day – Sexual Assault and Trauma

Valenta would like to thank all the teen volunteers who helped make the 4th Annual Denim Day a success. Denim Day is a campaign to raise awareness and educate the public about rape and sexual assault. Project Sister Family Services (PSFS) is a community based organization providing sexual assault crisis and prevention services in the […]


Media, Body Image, and Eating Disorders

There is no single cause of body dissatisfaction or disordered eating. But, research is increasingly clear that media does indeed contribute and that exposure to and pressure exerted by media increase body dissatisfaction and disordered eating. Numerous correlations and experimental studies have linked exposure to the thin ideal in mass media to body dissatisfaction, internalization […]