Valenta, Inc. specializes in the treatment and recovery of eating disorders. We have also expanded our programs to offer a Depression Recovery Program and Outpatient Services. Our multi-disciplined team of professionals are dedicated to providing the most effective patient care. The support and collaboration between our medical director and the team members establishes a cohesive treatment approach with the utmost goal of guiding our patients toward recovery. Our team approach helps us all learn from each other and assists in our ongoing professional development. Valenta is a nurturing and supportive environment ….and a great place to work.

Valenta, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Words from a few of our staff members….

“I truly value working at Valenta, with a team of passionate, dedicated, and caring professionals with a team mentality.  The staff “practices what we preach” by working together to be healthy in our relationships and patient care.  The PHP setting provides ample opportunity to model a healthy lifestyle for our patients, showing them how we face life with humanity, humor, and hope.  The team is dedicated to the work; we learn from each other and the unique strengths each team member brings.  The philosophy that informs the foundation of our treatment model also informs our professional growth and efforts in contributing to the field of eating disorder treatment.  We believe the power to recover from an eating disorder comes from the individual.  Therefore the clinical staff listen closely to the patients to explore ways to improve the program and to collaborate with them and their families to fight this devastating illness. It is a challenging, demanding, fun, and highly rewarding place to work!” ~ DB, MS, LMFT, Clinical Therapist

“One of the things I love about working at Valenta is the concept of ‘Team’. While we each have our assigned patients for whom we conduct individual and family therapy, our paradigm is that each therapist/employee is a vital element of the entire staff and we function as a whole – WITH each other. This is demonstrated by actively supporting each other in our clinical work, personal awareness and professional development. There is almost always someone to discuss caseload concerns, avoiding burnout, self-care ideas or just plain laugh at funny jokes! There is ample support available for reassurance when frustrations run high from working with a challenging population. I consider the ‘Team’ at Valenta to be some of the highest calibre of professionals, but also some of my closest associations. ” ~SB, MS, LMFT, Clinical Therapist

“Being on the Valenta team is an experience filled with excitement, dedication, hard work, and good times. I have been with the Valenta team for 5 years and have no intention of ever leaving. We are a cohesive team that supports each other, works together well, and continually learn and grow to become more effective and meaningful in our work. Our owners are compassionate and generous towards the patients we serve, the local community, and their employees, making Valenta an excellent place of employment. Working at Valenta is not a job where you can coast–it is a fast paced high intensity environment, yet you have the support of the team with you all the way.” ~KB, LCSW, Lead Patient Advocate