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Thanksgiving Planning Tips

For many people the holidays are a time of joy; for people with eating disorders such as binge eating, bulimia, and anorexia, however, the holidays can bring a tremendous amount of stress, anxiety, and fear. Since most holidays are centered on the subject of food, such events are often anxiety ridden for those with eating […]


Statement of Health

“The road I’m traveling to overcome my eating disorder has not been a walk in the park. It’s been a grueling trek through a dry, blistering desert. In my treatment these past couple of months, I realized something that I hadn’t in my prior treatment. I was still living with the personality of my eating […]


Eating Disorder Program

Valenta (“to make powerful”) was established in 2006 to provide world class care and treatment available to assist individuals in their recovery from eating disorders. Valenta has expanded its scope of practice and expertise to include: Treatment and Recovery for Eating Disorders, Treatment and Recovery for Depression and Anxiety, Healthy Student Program designed for young […]

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Break the Stigma

3 Mental Disorder Myths We Need To Stop Using Look left, look right, look in front of you, look behind you, and look in the mirror. One of you is affected by a mental health condition. Each year millions of Americans are facing the reality of a mental disorder of different nature and severity. May […]

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Summer Healthy Student Program

Are you a High School or College Student experiencing depression, social and test anxiety, stress, lack of focus and motivation? Valenta is offering a six week intensive outpatient Summer Healthy Student Program to help you increase your awareness and develop insight and knowledge of emotional and behavioral patterns. The program is designed to teach you skills […]


Patient Testimonial

A beautiful message from one of our patients…. “Valenta is a rare treatment center. They don’t just treat symptoms of the eating disorder; they do intensive searching for the root of the unhealthy behavior. Not only did I work on my disorder, but I worked on my perfectionism, my family life, my double standards that […]



“Orthorexia” is a term that is being applied to a subset of eating disordered behaviors. It often begins with innocent intentions…to eat more healthfully. However, the desire to eat more healthfully transforms into a pattern of rigid eating and obsessive thoughts about food choices, and eventually can even negatively impact health, both mentally and physically. […]


Media, Body Image, and Eating Disorders

There is no single cause of body dissatisfaction or disordered eating. But, research is increasingly clear that media does indeed contribute and that exposure to and pressure exerted by media increase body dissatisfaction and disordered eating. Numerous correlations and experimental studies have linked exposure to the thin ideal in mass media to body dissatisfaction, internalization […]