Parents Guide to Teen Depression

Are you concerned that your teenager may be experiencing more than just the normal teenage growing pains? Have you wondered if they may actually be experiencing Depression? Teens with Depression don’t necessarily appear sad. Irritability, anger, and agitation may be the most prominent symptoms. Depression goes beyond moodiness; it is a serious health problem. Fortunately, […]


Summer Healthy Student Program

Do you feel your depression/anxiety affects the quality of your daily life? Valenta is pleased to offer an intensive summer program designed to help you, students and young adults, increase your awareness of emotional, thought, and behavioral patterns that contribute to success. Summer is a great time without school stressors to focus on yourself and […]

depressed female

Depression and Anxiety Among Teenage Girls Soars Amid Pressures From Social Media

At Valenta we support individuals in their mental health recovery.  Empowering our youth to reach out and seek the required support is an important first step.  The following article talks about the drastic increase in teenage girls who are experiencing depression and anxiety amid pressures due to social media. Psychological distress worsened between 2005 and […]