Our Mission & Philosophy

DepressionOur Mission

Valenta’s mission is to empower recovery and restore health.

Our motto, adverto vitum, means “to turn toward life”. Here at Valenta, our ultimate goal is to assist you in your recovery and living life to its fullest potential.

Recovery from an Eating Disorder or Depression is a journey, not an event. Starting that journey takes incredible courage, and our compassionate, knowledgeable and experienced staff is here to help you in your recovery. Together we can determine the most appropriate treatment options for your path to health. Our staff has extensive knowledge in the treatment of Eating Disorders and Depression, instillation of hope, and the application of evidence-based treatment modalities.

If you are unsure about recovery or what life without an Eating Disorder or Depression will look like, we can help. At Valenta, we understand recovery is not measured in miles but in footsteps. We work with you to increase your desire for recovery. We invite you to Valenta, an exceptional treatment center.

Our Philosophy

At Valenta, we provide the tools and the skills to empower recovery and restore health.

Drawing on our clinical, medical, and therapeutic expertise, we offer each patient the most effective, comprehensive, evidence-based treatment program available.

In recognition of each individual’s unique circumstances, our treatment seeks to address all aspects of the Eating Disorder and Depression symptoms, behaviors and root cause.

The Valenta team joins the individuals, their family, and their community in the effort to restore balance to all aspects of their lives and build a foundation for lasting health.