Treatment Testimonials

Eating Disorder Treatment Testimonials


“I cannot really express how significantly my daughter improved after attending and completing Valenta’s Depression Recovery Program!”

“She went from excessive sleep, isolating and withdrawing from family and friends, watching TV for 4 hours/day, arguing with family members and rejecting support, and wearing the same clothes day after day – to showing so much more willingness to engage in her own life, push herself to do new things, get a job, engage and communicate more clearly with family members and social activities…even recommending the program to other people! She’s maintained her outpatient therapy, we’ve had family sessions to help us understand her depression and how to support her better. Things aren’t ‘perfect’ and that’s okay – she’s still scared and sometimes overcome by her fear, she struggles with making changes and pushing herself to do those new things – but her openness and willingness to hearing support and accepting it is the key! Anyone who is thinking about this program can be assured their adolescent will learn essential skills for managing the struggles in life more effectively.
Thank you Valenta!!” ~SB


Testimonials from Valenta Parents:
“My family and I are thankful that we found Valenta.”

“Three years ago we discovered that our 16-year old daughter had been living with an eating disorder. This was a tragic discovery to the entire family discovering that our daughter had been living this life all alone. After months of counseling and aggressive treatment with the staff at Valenta, we began to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our daughter was returning to us and beginning to live her life again. Through extensive counseling, both group and family, we have discovered that eating disorders never completely go away, but with the help of the very qualified staff at Valenta, we now know that our daughter is in good hands and will be successful with the skills she has learned from the staff at Valenta.”


“We would recommend Valenta to any family who has a loved one suffering from an eating disorder.”

“Their professional and caring staff is truly wonderful and saved our daughter’s life. I wish to extend my sincerest thanks to all of them for everything they have done.”


“This is not easy, but Valenta gave us the support, tools and education to cope and excel in preparation for our daughter’s recovery.”

“Once she completed the program my husband and I understood better how she perceived our actions and how we could effectively communicate and support her in her ongoing recovery – Thank you Dr. Mar and the staff at Valenta, you saved our daughter’s life and our family!”


“Valenta told us it was “required” to attend family sessions every week while our daughter went through the Valenta program.”

“They demonstrated their commitment to their medical treatment and to our daughter’s recovery that we had not experienced elsewhere. Because of the family sessions we now have the tools and knowledge that an eating disorder is an illness, and not a choice, this knowledge helps us every day as we continue to recover as a family. Thank you Valenta!”


“Well this past May was my daughter’s 2 yr anniversary from completing your program and she is doing absolutely wonderful.”

“She has maintained her weight for the last year, she eats whatever she wants and she truly loves food now, hallelujah! We haven’t seen ED in her at all. The first yr was ok, still saw ED appear once in while but, this last yr it’s like something has clicked with her and she is back to her old self. She has a job working at a pet hospital….she is a kennel girl, plus she is still going to school. She’s involved in a college youth group at church which she really enjoys. She goes to her therapist once every few months just to get a tune up and she see’s the psychiatrist every 2 mos to monitor meds.  I’ve been wanting to let you know how she has been doing and to let you know how much my husband and I appreciate everything you have done for us. We feel blessed to have had you and Dr Mar and Valenta in our lives. Hope life is treating you well…you deserve it.”


Testimonials from Valenta Graduates:
“During my time at Valenta, I learned a lot about myself and really grew into a healthy young adult, something which I had never been before program.”

“Valenta helped me become comfortable in my own skin, and with the relationships and challenging situations around me. Going through program brought me closer to my family, friends, and most importantly myself.


“When I first came to Valenta I didn’t know who the hell I was. I was depressed, suicidal, dark, and with my eating disorder.”

“In the past I attempted suicide two times hoping I would die. I hated the world; I hated everybody. Depression killed me while I was isolated by myself. I hated myself I thought I was ugly, that I deserve nothing. I had to deal with my eating disorder every day, it was a challenge after challenge at Valenta. I hung out with the wrong friends who weren’t even friends. I was hell in the past. Now I feel great. I’m different mentally; I’m strong, caring, nice, and fearless. I’m a great guy now. I could smile now. Ha. I could stare at people in the eye now in ease. I love my family; I love God. I am blessed to be alive cause if it wasn’t for Valenta I would have tried another suicide attempt and maybe who knows I would not make it in that one. I love life still suffer from depression but I just try to not let get to me. I love my friends, family, relatives, and Valenta. Thanks to you I got to reveal my past trauma. I am free with that. God bless you guys; I thank you with all my heart, you changed me into a better person keep doing what you guys are doing. You guys are saving lives, you saved mine.”


Overall experience:
“From where I sit today, I would say that my experience in treatment was positive.”

“I know that when I was in the midst of the treatment process, I did not feel that it was positive. I felt terrified, anxious, angry, sad, and all the other negative and painful feelings that resurfaced after years of being pushed down and covered up by the eating disorder. Everyone on the treatment team showed me empathy, support, and understanding while I made my way through these feelings and re-learned how to eat without bingeing, purging, or starving. They challenged me to share my feelings and experiences with other people in groups, and helped me to question the negative and critical voice of the eating disorder.  Even though I live a few hours away from the treatment team, whenever I come back for follow-up visits, I feel like I am coming back home to visit my family. (seriously, I really feel that way)”


Post-graduation changes:
“I can truly say without any exaggeration that I don’t know where I would be right now without Darissa, Candice, Dr Mar, and Katie.”

“Maybe I would have died from the eating disorder, or maybe I would be leaning over toilet vomiting for the zillionth time, but I know I wouldn’t be anywhere near recovery like I am today. Today I can tolerate negative feelings knowing that they are temporary and don’t have to control my life. After treatment I went back to school, earned a master’s degree, and I feel satisfied with my career. My relationship with food is not always great, but it has drastically improved. I can go to parties and participate in social activities that involve food and actually have fun without worrying about how much I ate or where and when I will be able to purge.”


Things I learned and how they helped me post-graduation:
“I learned that my negative feelings are extremely painful but they will pass.”

“I learned that food does not make me fat and that it is possible to enjoy eating. I learned that I’m a strong and capable person with a lot of really positive qualities, and people can learn a lot from me. I learned that it’s possible to cope with my negative feelings. This has been helpful because life still brings problems, whether or not I am in a treatment program, but now I can manage problems and be healthy at the same time.”

“Allow me to be blunt, this is the best ED program out there by far (and I’ve been to a few)! I am a recovering ED patient, living a “normal” life like I have never known it before. My relationships are better, life is better (not to mention my health) and I finally feel at peace about who I am and where I am going.”

“HUGE THANKS to the Valenta staff for helping me through the past 6 weeks. At times, it was a rough road, but now I feel like a much stronger person. I thank each and every one of you for helping me turn my life in the right direction.”

“The staff at Valenta, especially Dr. Mar, saw my determination and they helped me to get up and stand on both feet. Now I am strong, I have my power back. I have a life and I can do anything I want.”


Testimonials from Professionals:
“Thank you, Valenta, and Katie for coming out to Cal Poly Pomona to present on the very important work that you are doing to help so many who are suffering from eating disorders.”

“It is such a relevant topic for our college population. Thank you for arranging for Katie Ellinson, R.D. to come out from Valenta to present on such a valuable topic. Our interns were very impressed by the work of your team of highly qualified professionals.”

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Pomona, California 91768


“Thank you so much…I have been wanting to contact you to…present to our agency.”

“The information that we learned needs to be shared with the other counselors and staff members.  As we do outreach to the local community our school based counselors and interns would greatly benefit from this knowledge as they are often faced with this issue as they deal with students.”

Clinical Supervisor
Ontario, CA


“We really enjoyed the presentation today.”

“We were surprised that learn that eating disorders are impacting children – even at a middle school age.  Knowing that we have the tools to approach the child and discuss with the family is very empowering. We would like to thank your organization and Katie for giving us this valuable information. If you have extra business cards and brochures that you could send us, that would be greatly appreciated. We would like to have these available for students and families we serve.”

Safety and Violence Prevention Counselor
Centennial High School
Corona, CA


“Thank you so much for sending Katie Ellingson to speak to our staff.”

“The presentation was organized, informative and answered what signs our staff should be aware of.  The flyer of “lists of symptoms” was a great handout and I know our teachers will hold onto and share this with their students. Thanks again and please let Katie know how much we appreciated it!”

High School
Narco, CA


“Thank you for speaking at our San Bernardino-Riverside Counties School Nurses Organization Fall Conference.”

“Your presentation on “Eating Disorders at a Glance” was exceptional! The information you presented was very useful to our nursing practice and we heard many positive comments from the audience. Thank you for sharing your expertise on this subject. We were honored to have you as our speaker.”

San Bernardino-Riverside Counties
School Nurses Organization