Patient Testimonial


A beautiful message from one of our patients….

“Valenta is a rare treatment center. They don’t just treat symptoms of the eating disorder; they do intensive searching for the root of the unhealthy behavior. Not only did I work on my disorder, but I worked on my perfectionism, my family life, my double standards that I so rigorously held to, and my distorted patterns of thinking.

I can’t thank Dr. Mar and the rest of the treatment team enough for all of the help they gave me while I was at Valenta. They helped me find victory when I was hopeless, and strength when I was helpless.

If you’re looking into Valenta for a loved one or for yourself, please know this: from someone who has been right where you are, there IS hope. There can be a happy ending. Even those who climb the highest mountains began with a single step.”  – S.D.

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