Depression Assessment

Depression AssessmentComing in for a Depression assessment is one of the most important things someone struggling with Depression can do. Being assessed is not a commitment to treatment but an exploration of your options for recovery. It allows you to get a better idea of resources available to you and how Valenta can help you and your family or friend find health and power in your life.

It is important to understand that depression recovery is possible. An assessment will help us give you the best recommendations while allowing you to see our facility and meet our expert staff. Assessments are complimentary.

What to Expect

You will meet with one of Valenta’s primary therapeutic staff members for your Depression assessment. These are the staff who actually work with patients every day to pursue health and recovery. During the hour-long assessment we will explore your diagnosis, identify the appropriate level of care, coverage options, treatment options, barriers to recovery, and what the next steps can be.

The assessment consists of a basic physical evaluation and history, along with a detailed exploration of symptoms you are experiencing, both physical and psychological. Although medical records are not required, this is an opportune time to bring in any medical records that might be helpful to understanding your needs.

We will answer questions about Depression treatment, our program, your concerns and the ways Valenta can help you.

Free of charge

The Depression assessment is available M, W, TH, F (between 10 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.) and we do our best to accommodate individual scheduling needs. The assessment process is simple, but one of the most important steps in recovery. Meeting with one of our caring and knowledgeable staff members allows us to give you or your loved one the most accurate assessment and recommendations available.

Transportation Difficulties or Out of Area Assessments

Although we prefer to meet with you in-person for the Depression assessment, we can arrange for a phone assessment if you are not within driving distance or have difficulty arranging transportation. We have also arranged for assessments to occur at school sites if necessary.