Therapeutic Counseling

val_14Therapeutic services for all ages suffering from, depression, anxiety, infidelity, trauma, addiction, sexual issues, body image, self-esteem and more.

Valenta’s outpatient clinic provides therapeutic services to a variety of patient populations, including: individual (child, adolescent and adult), family, and couples. We have a team of experienced clinicians; both licensed therapists and Masters level interns providing therapeutic services. We believe in providing you with real life tools to help you heal from wounds and move toward more fulfilling lives and relationships.

We have therapists who specialize in EMDR, an evidenced based trauma therapy

Valenta’s clinicians use evidence-based interventions and modalities. We draw on these evidence-based approaches and personalize treatment goals to achieve greater gains in shorter periods of time. Each treatment plan is formulated in a collaborative way, involving the patient, to individualize the recovery process. Our clinicians will provide you with skills to manage the here and now difficulties of life while exploring history and identifying root causes of maladaptive patterns.

We know that seeking professional help is difficult and that change can be scary. We provide a welcoming, supportive, safe environment for individuals to engage in the recovery process.