Parents Guide to Teen Depression

Are you concerned that your teenager may be experiencing more than just the normal teenage growing pains? Have you wondered if they may actually be experiencing Depression? Teens with Depression don’t necessarily appear sad. Irritability, anger, and agitation may be the most prominent symptoms. Depression goes beyond moodiness; it is a serious health problem. Fortunately, […]


Eating Disorder Program

Valenta (“to make powerful”) was established in 2006 to provide world class care and treatment available to assist individuals in their recovery from eating disorders. Valenta has expanded its scope of practice and expertise to include: Treatment and Recovery for Eating Disorders, Treatment and Recovery for Depression and Anxiety, Healthy Student Program designed for young […]

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Summer Healthy Student Program

Are you a High School or College Student experiencing depression, social and test anxiety, stress, lack of focus and motivation? Valenta is offering a six week intensive outpatient Summer Healthy Student Program to help you increase your awareness and develop insight and knowledge of emotional and behavioral patterns. The program is designed to teach you skills […]

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4th Annual Denim Day – Sexual Assault and Trauma

Valenta would like to thank all the teen volunteers who helped make the 4th Annual Denim Day a success. Denim Day is a campaign to raise awareness and educate the public about rape and sexual assault. Project Sister Family Services (PSFS) is a community based organization providing sexual assault crisis and prevention services in the […]